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The Cooperative Central Bank (CCB) was founded in Cyprus in 1937 and is the banker and central governing body of 18 affiliated Cooperative Credit Institutions (“CCIs”) engaging in the provision of retail and commercial banking and insurance services to their clients. CCS is regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus and supervised by the ECB and SSM. The Republic of Cyprus is the major shareholder with a 77,34%  ownership, followed by the Recapitalisation Fund with 21.88% ownership and the Cooperative Holding Company with 0.78% ownership, representing its Cooperative members. CCB is represented in international cooperative organizations and is associated with cooperative movements across the world. CCB has the largest branch network and number of ATMs in Cyprus and is a market leader in domestic deposits. It currently employees 2.700 people. Based on the latest financial results (September 2016), CCB’s capital ratio was at 16,50%,  total equity was €1,33bn and total assets amounted to €14,13 bn.